Russian is both an official language of the UN and one of the world’s most commonly spoken languages. It has been designated a “critical language” by the U.S. government, and has been identified as a repository language for world knowledge. Russian is widely used across much of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, and is appearing increasingly in major cities in Western Europe and the U.S. Russian is the language of some of the world’s greatest writers, composers, artists, performers, and scientists. 

Contrary to popular belief, Russian is not difficult to learn—Rhodes Russian students and graduates provide living proof of that fact. They enjoy a variety of interdisciplinary courses (some taught in 英语 translation) in Russian language, literature, culture, music, religious philosophy, and linguistics. Approximately 60% of Rhodes graduates with a Russian Studies major or minor attend top graduate schools in a discipline related to Russian. In recent years Rhodes 俄罗斯研究 graduates have earned advanced degrees in Russian language and literature, 国际问题研究, Slavic folklore, 商业, 物理, and Law.

Rhodes offers a Russian Studies major and minor and 俄罗斯研究 – IS bridge major. 学生们 can participate in the Maymester in St. Petersburg, Russia (mid-May – mid-June of every year), Semester and Year Study-Abroad at Novgorod State University (Novgorod) and the Smolny Institute (St. Petersburg), the Rhodes Chapter of the National Slavic Honor Society (多布罗言论报), and the 俄罗斯俱乐部.


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这个组织的名称应为罗德学院русскийклуб/ russkii俱乐部。



  • 促进语言,文化和俄罗斯联邦通过讨论,演示和社交聚会人民进一步了解。
  • 加强对俄语成员通过活动的流畅性。


  • 会员应扩展到具有在俄罗斯文化的兴趣罗德斯大学的所有学生。 
  • 荣誉会员(包括教师和工作人员)将在俱乐部的多数票后,被邀请。
  • 所有活动成员需缴纳的每年十元会费。
  • 成员不得错过未经财政秘书/部长借口之前连续两次会议。投票权将在第一罪行被暂停;进一步的罪行,将被罚款10美元。


该指导老师必须从正规网赌网址 - 网赌网址app教师的行列中来选择。


  • 应主持所有会议
  • 应前往负责介绍和事件的选择和协调程序委员会
  • 应作为俱乐部和指导老师之间的联络作用


  • 应在主席缺席会议主持
  • 应前往负责俱乐部的所有社会活动的社会委员会


  • 应收取会费和罚款。
  • 应领导集资委员会
  • 在需要的地方应分配资金
  • 应管理的俱乐部账户
  • 负责俱乐部的所有信件
  • 应采取俱乐部和执行委员会的会议记录





  • 会议应每月根据需要在指定的时间和地点举行的一个或两次。
  • 执行委员会将每月举行一次会议,并负责在一年中的第一个常务会议编制预算。


  • 选举应在每年的四月第二次会议召开。
  • 与正在牢记均匀分布的会员资格特别委员会应当是自愿的。各成员应至少属于一个委员会。
  • 名誉成员不得投票。
  • 在某一成员不能履行职务时,一个新的选举应被称为填补了办公室。任何本官可以运行。
  • 投票法定人数由会员国三分之二。


  • 拟议的修订必须借调由三分之二多数表决俱乐部的批准,并将于批准后由学院的院长补充说。 
  • 在russkii俱乐部的宪法获得通过的Y的成员在2004年9月。 


The Summer Intensive Study Program in Russia offers three and a half weeks of courses in Russian Language (taught in Russian at all levels), several excursions in the city, with an opera and/or ballet performances; and a trip to Novgorod. 学生们 live in two-room suites in a students’ dormitory. Rooms are furnished and have a separate bathroom. Transportation to school and scheduled events is provided by the host institution.

May is a fascinating month in the city of St. Petersburg. A celebration of the city’s anniversary takes place, which features an international band parade down Nevsky Avenue, an orchestral concert and ball on Palace Square in front of the Hermitage, and fireworks on the banks of the Neva River. In addition, the city’s famous White Nights develop during this time, reaching their peak in mid-June.

The host institution, the Gornyi Institute of St. Petersburg, has a venerable history: it was founded in 1773 by Catherine the Great. It represents one of only three Russian universities that have been declared a “national treasure” by the Russian government. The Gornyi Institute is well-known in the Russian departments in the U.S., for it offers excellent facilities for the instruction of Russian and attracts the finest teachers of Russian from all over the world.

有关出国留学项目的详细信息可在 巴克曼国际教育中心。


“For me, Summer Intensive Study Program in Russia provided many new and enjoyable experiences. I loved sitting underneath the Baltika tent with my fellow classmates, devouring shashlik while enjoying the beautiful nighttime view of the Gulf of Finland. … While touring the exquisite rooms of the Hermitage, I viewed original works from Da Vinci, Rembrandt and Picasso. My first visit to the circus was in Moscow and my hands ached afterward from gripping my seat in nervous anticipation when the acrobats swung precariously from trapezes. Participating in the Russia Maymester was extraordinary and I hope that someday I will be able to return to the “motherland” once again!” 杰拉布拉德肖 (暑期学习计划,2004年)

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洛根惠勒 (暑期学习计划,2004年)

Six Rhodes students participated in the Russian Maymester in St. Petersburg in the summer of 2008, three in the summer of 2009. They took classes in the Russian language and literature, enjoyed sightseeing, two ballet performances, numerous museum visits, and a trip to Novgorod.  Here are some pictures. If you are interested, contact Prof. Alexandra Kostina at kostina@rhodes.edu 或x3991。